Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Excess Weight is a Gateway to Chronic Disease

Canadian and American obesity statistics are neck-to-neck, with about one-quarter to one-third of adults in the obese category. A staggering two-thirds of Americans are overweight. This does indeed place a heavy burden on the healthcare system.
Its important to realize that a large number of diseases are directly attributable to obesity, including:

Dieters always ask, "Why can't I have diet soda, its all zeros?" We all know why, but here are a few more reasons.....

Here are 6 more reasons to give up diet soda: 
1. It messes with your skin. Diet Coke lowers your pH levels, which can cause acne, and zap you of radiance. We need a high level of alkalinity for our bodies to be healthy and depress in our glowing complexion, explains Dr. Jeanette Graf, author of Stop Aging, Start Living: The Revolutionary 2 Week pH Diet.  As Dr. Graf told us recently, "if theres one thing you should never consume, its soda. Soda is an extreme acid- forming substance which will lower your pH level dramatically."

2. It alters your mood. The mood-food connection is ever-rising, and Aspartame in Diet Coke can really do a doozey on the with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Aspartame is also on an EPA list of potentially dangerous chemicals contributing to neurotoxicity, right under Arsenic. So thats kind of saying it could alter your brain, too.

3. Weight gain and belly fat. Ironically, we actually gain weight from Diet Coke. In two studies conducted by the School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, those "who said they consumed two or more diet sodas a day, experiences waist circumference increases that were 500 percent greater than those of non-users."

4. It causes diabetes and heart disease. When waist circumference (belly fat) increases, this contributes to diabetes and heart disease, which a 2010 study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine  confirmed.

5. It makes your kidneys sluggish. Diet soda may interfere with the kidneys, found the Harvard Nurses Study, which reported a 30% drop in kidney function with just two servings of diet soda a day.

6. Aspartame's been linked to cancer. A lot. Aspartame is "generally recognized safe" by the FDA while substantial data shows its link to cancer. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) cautions against Aspartame because its poly testers, an contains three well-recognized neurotoxins. Aspartame was found to increase cancer risk if exposure begins in the womb, reported a study at the Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center. And various studies have linked lymphoma and tumors in rats. And beware of the BPA of cans and caramel coloring, reports Grist.
Kind of takes the fizz out of it, right?
Butter VS. Margarine
Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the same amount of butter, according to a recent Harvard Medical Study.

Eating butter increases absorption of many other nutrients in other foods.

Butter has many nutritional benefits, margarine has few.

Butter tastes better than margarine.

Butter has been around for centuries, margarine less than 100 years.

Margarine triples the risk of coronary heart disease.

Margarine increases the risk of cancer five times.

Margarine lowers the quality of breast milk, decreases the immune response and decreases insulin response.

Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic. 

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